Kindle Unlimited, Amazon’s subscription ebook service, enables members to read as many of the thousands of participating ebooks as they like–all for about $10 a month!

If you’re a committed reader, you already know that it’s not hard to spend more than $10 per month on just a few ebooks. Kindle Unlimited can help you stretch your reading dollars while introducing you to new authors in virtually every genre. Whether you read a book a day or a book a week from the KU catalog, your monthly expense will be capped at just $10.

Since you’re here on my site, I suspect cozy mysteries are among your favorites. (Brilliant deduction, right?) Well, the good news is that cozies are among the best-represented categories in Kindle Unlimited. You’ll find many favorites (and new favorites) in the huge KU catalog (including my own series).

Best of all, there’s no risk to try the program on for size. Amazon allows you to try the program for a month for free, so you can decide if it’s right for you and your reading habits.

Visit this link to learn how you can try KU for free for 30 days, to see if it’s a fit for your reading style.