In A Sleuth Is Born, the setting of the posh billionaire poker retreat called for much fancier attire than usual for Bea and Angela. Not surprisingly, Bea was unenthused about the prospect of dressing up for a black-tie crowd. Angela, on the other hand, is a bit of a girly-girl at heart and enjoys dressing up once in a while–usually in her reliable little black dress. Given her workaholic and mostly frugal nature, she’s got little time to shop, especially for new outfits she can only wear once in a blue moon.

While Bea might not thrilled about dolling herself up to please her elite gambler clientele, she knows Angela will be. So she shops on the sly for a few dresses for her friend to choose from. And guess where her inspiration came from? The Price Is Right, of course!

It’s not mentioned in A Sleuth Is Born, but the dresses Bea buys for Angela are all inspired by ones worn by Manuela on the show. The metallic jersey dress, for example, was based on a Halston Heritage design that Manuela wore during Big Money Week.

And did the sequined sheath that Angela wore sound a bit familiar? It was a slightly less saucy version of the sexy, low-backed mini-dress Manuela wore on that ill-fated day when she accidentally gave away a car. Luckily, the show didn’t penalize her for her mistake, which likely brought a bunch of new viewers to the show.