Hello, Dear Reader!

Pepper here. Thanks for checking out my website. Here’s a little bit about me.

I’ve been an avid mystery reader for most of my life. Over the years, I’ve gobbled down every book I could find by my favorite writers — Janet Evanovich, Sue Grafton, Robert B. Parker, Dick Francis, and many others. Before ebooks came along, I was that person who raced out to get the next hardcover in a series. I’ve even been lucky enough to get an autographed copy or two.

Ebooks have changed my life! Now I can get my eager hands (and eyeballs) on those new releases instantaneously. I love that I can have my library with me wherever I go, and that I’m no longer crowded out of my house by my books (even though I sometimes miss the pleasure of cracking open a brand new title).

My mystery obsession has evolved over the years. Lately I’ve gravitated towards mysteries with a bit of humor. I love hanging out with characters like Stephanie Plum, Isabelle Spellman, and Agatha Raisin. (It’s fair to say I especially enjoy wacky, determined ladies who solve crime puzzles while navigating a few funny bumps along the way.)

A few years ago, I found myself pondering what endears those favorite characters to me. I began to imagine a crackling old lady named Bea Sickles, aka Betty Snickerdoodle, who I think might get along just fine with them. (In fact, I think she could secretly be Grandma Mazur’s best bud!)

Just like that, Bea’s world and everyone in it began to form in my mind, and I decided to try writing it all down. And now, I’m sharing her with you. I hope you love her, warts and all, just like I do.

With love,

Pepper Frost

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