Of Mice and Murder

The play's the thing... until the thing is murder!

When Bea and Angela lend their ballroom for a local theater production of an old-fashioned whodunnit, it sounds like fun—until the accidents and squabbles and suspicious secrets start. Then when opening night arrives, so does the worst storm to hit the wine country in recent memory.

But the dangerous weather is just the prologue to misfortune. Because before the second act on opening night… somebody has been murdered!

Flooded roads and knocked out phones mean Bea, Angela, the cast, and their VIP guests are trapped at the inn with the killer.

Now it’s up to Bea and Angela, with a little help from their friends, to figure out which one of the eccentric theater types and sophisticated socialites in the audience is a murderer—without putting a target on their own backs.

Of Mice and Murder is book six in the Betty Snickerdoodle Mystery series. It’s an easy-reading, “salty and sweet” cozy mystery with no cursing, gore, or sexual content—but plenty of laughs, friendship, and twists. It can be read as a standalone, but you might enjoy reading the series in order more.

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Series: Betty Snickerdoodle Mysteries, Book 6
Genres: Cozy Mystery, Mystery
Tags: FREE in Kindle Unlimited, Recommended Books
Publisher: Working Strategy
ISBN: 9781970044133
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