Betty Snickerdoodle Mysteries (books one through three)

Cozy mysteries with twisty plots, quirky characters, and plenty of laughs!

Cozy mysteries with laughs, sass, plenty of surprises and plenty of heart!

Bea Sickles is a little old lady who's not at all what people expect. She's a bit like an unexpectedly delightful dessert, a little salty on the outside, sweet in the middle, and very, very rich. In book one, The Return of Betty Snickerdoodle, a crook with more nerve than brains decides to shake Bea down. Bea decides to teach him a lesson, and a race to see who wins ensues.

A Sleuth Is Born in book two, as Bea decides to try her hand at mystery writing. Just like her role model, Jessica Fletcher, Bea digs into amateur detective work -- to bring realism to her writing, mainly, but also because a mysterious death a the high-stakes charity poker tournament at her brand new inn just might be murder.

The third book in the series, Bake It Like Betty, opens with Bea heading to jail just as BettyCon, the Betty Snickerdoodle fan convention, is kicking off. Can Bea's loyal gang of smarties -- led by her brilliant, beautiful, and determined young sidekick, Angela -- get her off the hook in time for the big baking contest?

The Betty Snickerdoodle Mystery series blends humor, adventure, and mystery in warm, cozy, page-turning stories. Get all three in one handy volume in this box set -- and see for yourself why reviewers love Betty!

"Addicting from beginning to end." -- Readers' Favorite review

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