Murder Takes a Bough

The secret trees at the inn aren't just special... they're to die for!

A quirky professor says he’s invented a secret method for growing trees at lightspeed, and the idea seems to have something for everyone at Betty Snickerdoodle, Inc. Angela will get all the Christmas trees the inn needs. Aseem will score points at his new incubator job. And Bea? Well, Bea will get a whole lot richer by being the first to invest in the professor’s innovation.

There’s just one problem… and it’s murder!

Some people just don’t like the idea of tampering with nature—even if it helps save the planet. They might do anything to stop the experiment. And some people like the idea way too much. They’ll do anything to get their own greedy hands on the professor’s invention—and the millions of dollars it could soon be worth.
Almost as soon as Bea and Angela agree to help the professor with his experiment, mysterious events start happening. Now the danger is right in their back yard—and more than a little too close for comfort.

Will Bea figure out who’s behind the crimes and save the professor’s experiment—and her investment? Find out in this latest funny, fast-paced, and heartwarming Betty Snickerdoodle Mystery!

Betty Snickerdoodle Mysteries are "salty and sweet," with a main character with an edge who makes rude wisecracks. No on-the-page sex or graphic violence.

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About the Book
Series: Betty Snickerdoodle Mysteries, Book 5
Genres: Cozy Mystery, Mystery
Tags: FREE in Kindle Unlimited, Recommended Books
Publisher: Working Strategy
ISBN: 9781970044041
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