Betty Snickerdoodle Mysteries (books four through six)

Three more cozy mysteries full of friendship, laughter, and mystery-solving fun!

The friendship, laughter, and cozy whodunnit fun continue!

**This box set (#2) includes Betty Snickerdoodle Mysteries books four, five, and six.**

Weddings at Betty Snickerdoodle’s Christmas Inn? In Mixed to Death, self-described elite wedding planner Rhonda Butts envisions big riches hosting nuptials at Bea’s place. She convinces Bea and Angela to host a wedding industry mixer… but before long the wedding vendors start dropping like flies! Soon Bea and Angela are racing from the wine country to Sacramento and back, hot on the trail of the culprit who’s putting the death into “’til death do us part!”

In Murder Takes a Bough, it’s autumn at the inn, and with Christmas on the way, Angela is worried about having enough evergreens to decorate the inn. Then Bea and Angela meet “the professor,” an environmentally minded scientist who claims to have discovered a way to make trees grow overnight—and Bea decides to invest. The planet may be rooting for the professor, but he’s got no shortage of mortal enemies willing to kill to stop his invention—or steal it. Before long, Bea and Angela are once more puzzling out the identity of a murderer!

Finally, in Of Mice and Murder, the local community theater needs a place to present their play—and they need it fast! Bea and Angela are happy to help out, but soon it appears that no good deed will go unpunished. There’s no money for sets, the cast and crew are fighting, and accidents plague the production from the start.

But that’s not the worst of it. When opening night arrives, so does the worst storm to hit Napa Valley in decades—and so does murder! Now Bea, Angela, and their friends are trapped at the inn with no phone service—

Worst of all, the storm has left the roads impassable and knocked out phones and the internet. Bea, Angela, and an audience full of VIPs are trapped at the inn with the killer.
Now it’s up to Bea and Angela, with a little help from their friends, to figure out which one of the eccentric theater types or socialites is responsible for the crime—without putting a target on their own backs.

The Betty Snickerdoodle Mysteries are easy-reading, “salty and sweet” cozy mysteries with no cursing, gore, or sexual content—but plenty of laughs, friendship, and intrigue.

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