I’ve created some free ebooks for you to try. See if you enjoy the world of Betty Snickerdoodle as much as I do 🙂

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Freebie #1, Betty’s Big Game, is a short story (about 30 pages). Bea’s fellow authors are intrigued–and maybe a bit jealous–of all the attention she’s getting. So one fellow bestseller decides to round up a group of celebrity authors for a night of poker. Will Bea win the game–and win over the hearts of her envious colleagues? And will she solve a mystery that emerges along the way? Read Betty’s Big Game to find out.

Freebie #2 is a mini-cookbook with recipes inspired by the characters of Betty Snickerdoodle. It’s fun! I’ve included some of my favorites from growing up in New England, plus so recipes that Bea, Angela, Maria, and the other characters would enjoy–and they’re sure you would, too.

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