Mixed to Death

Ah, weddings. All sweetness and light and... poisonous secrets!

Ah, weddings. All sweetness and light and... poisonous secrets!

When Rhonda Butts, self-described wedding planner to the elite, arrives at Betty Snickerdoodle's Christmas Inn & Ranch, she makes quite an impression. Despite numerous reminders, she can't seem to remember that Bea (aka Betty Snickerdoodle herself) actually owns the place. And she shocks Angela–the marketing whiz who catapulted Betty's sales into the stratosphere–by offering to "fix" the inn's business.

It's enough to make unfailingly sweet, polite-to-a-fault Angela call Rhonda an"oaf!"

But Rhonda makes Bea and Angela an offer that's hard to refuse: You host a mixer for wedding professionals, and I'll do all the workand if it's successful, we'll make bank hosting big, 'high-end' weddings together.

So they decide to go ahead with the mixer, and at first, it's all sweetness and love and light - until dastardly secrets surface, and the wedding vendors start dropping like flies....

Mixed to Death is book four in the Betty Snickerdoodle Mystery series. It's full of laughs, heart, and mystery. And it even has four adorable puppies!

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About the Book
Series: A Betty Snickerdoodle Mystery, Book 4
Genres: Cozy Mystery, Mystery
Tags: FREE in Kindle Unlimited, Recommended Books
Publisher: Working Strategy
Publication Year: 2020
ISBN: 1970044034
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