Bake It Like Betty

She's the guest of honor... and she's on her way to jail!

She's the guest of honor... and she's on her way to jail!

It’s opening day of the convention for Betty Snickerdoodle’s superfans. As fans arrive in droves, the woman behind Betty, Bea Sickles, drives away—in the back of a cruiser!

She’s accused of tampering with a crime scene—and possibly even murder! It’s true, Bea couldn’t resist nosing around a dead body. She’s convinced, though, that the “victim’s” death was an accident. So while she’s under lock and key, her best pals must prove there was no murder—and get Bea out of jail.

Top of the list is Angela, who runs their Betty Snickerdoodle, Inc. enterprise. With the convention underway, though, Angela’s juggling a lot—including a big baking competition, a high-maintenance chef, and the expectations of Betty’s devoted fans. Luckily, Angela’s got help from handsome tech whiz Aseem and Bea’s private detective friend, Pat.

Did the corpse Bea fiddled with die in an accident… or was it murder? And if it was murder, who was the killer? If they don’t find out fast, Bea might pay a steep price for a single moment of curiosity….

Bake It Like Betty is book three of the Betty Snickerdoodle cozy mystery series, which blends mystery, humor, and adventure.

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Series: A Betty Snickerdoodle Mystery, Book 3
Genres: Cozy Mystery, Mystery
Tags: FREE in Kindle Unlimited, Recommended Books
ASIN: B0876372NX
ISBN: 9781970044027
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