Murder Takes a Bough is now available for pin paperback, hardcover large print, and Kindle ebook on

It’s my favorite book in the Betty Snickerdoodle series so far!

The gang at the inn agrees to help a secretive professor with his top secret experiment to grow trees at a never-before-imagined pace. If the experiment works, it will bring glory to all involved by saving trees–and it will bring riches, too, which could be why someone’s willing to kill for the professor’s knowledge. But that’s not the only possible explanation for the unwanted attention at the inn’s new hidden tree farm….

It’s up to Bea and Angela figure out who’s behind the crimes and stop the perpetrator before more lives are lost.

And that’s not all… there are a couple of heartwarming subplots, too.

Read this latest rollicking Betty Snickerdoodle adventure to find out. Naturally, there will be plenty of laughter and friendship along the way!