We’ve had a nice cold snap here in Northern California. It feels like fall! Having lived here for almost 30 years, I’m aware that this can change. But for now, I’m calling it reading season, because it feels like the perfect time to curl up with blanket and make a dent in that to-be-read pile.

Which got me thinking… if your to-be-read pile is anything like mine, you might appreciate a device that can hold an almost unlimited number of books without taking up too much space. So… it’s time for another Kindle Fire giveaway!

Check it out, below. I’m including this cute little bracelet that reminded me of Bea and Angela. Bea doesn’t have much of a nurturing side, but she’s quick with much-needed encouragement for her talented but underconfident friend Angie.

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  • Value: $45
  • Prize: Kindle Fire 7 plus

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