Are you among the growing numbers of audiobook enthusiasts?

Whether it’s because they’re hands-free, solve the problem of hard-to-read type, or enable you to do other tasks with less boredom (I’m looking at you, exercise bike), audiobooks are having their moment for good reasons.

The digital revolution has made it easier to access a wider variety of audiobook titles by simplifying production. Accessing audiobooks via download instead of big boxes of CDs has proven to be a big improvement. Now, the game is changing again, with digital narration making it much more affordable to produce audio editions.

This means that even independent authors like me can finally offer affordable audiobooks for my readers who prefer them. This is a development I’m very excited about!

I’ve dipped my toe in the audio water, creating a version of The Return of Betty Snickerdoodle using Amazon’s “virtual voice” platform. It’s not a human voice–but, I swear, I was very pleasantly surprised by how close it comes to human-like narration.

If you’ve been hoping I’d find a way to produce audio editions, please check out this new audio edition of the first book in my series. (There’s good news about pricing, too. If you already have it in ebook form, the audiobook is half price. To buy both is just $2.98. And if you’re an Audible Plus member by chance, it’s included in your subscription.)